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Sattu Mavu is a long hidden secret recipe from down South and has as many as 19 ingredients in every scoop the baby takes. 

Many ingredients are sprouted separately, cooked separately, ground separately to keep all the flavours intact, and then mixed in a specific ratio making Sattu Mavu a very tedious meal. And was therefore, lost from our tradition.

But now mothers don’t have to worry about going through that ardent procedure to give their baby a complete balance diet full of protein and nutritions.

Ingredients : Ragi, Brown Rice, Green Whole Moong, Black Udat Daal,   Corn, Ground Nut, Jowaar, Kabuli Chana, Roasted Chana, Sabu Dana Wheat, Cow Peas, Kulthi Daal, Pista, Cashew, Almond, Cumin seeds, Carrom seeds.

All Organic and farm fresh.

No Preservatives to increase shelf life of Baby food. No Salt or Sugar or artificial flavour.

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