Sprouted Ragi Moong Mix

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There is a reason why Ragi or Nachni is called a wonder grain. It is high source of good carbohydrates and since it is too tiny to be polished or processed it is mostly consumed in the purest form. 

In India, before1950s, we use to sprout ragi which tend to increase its Vitamin C levels. And consume it with sprouted moong will increase the benefits for babies by many folds. 

But today, since it’s tough to sprout Ragi as it takes time and patience, we have replaced it with rice, dal and wheat. 

We bring back the long forgotten benefits of Sprouted Ragi and Moong back to your babies so that they can enjoy the taste of Nature. 

Ingredients : Ragi, Brown Rice, Green Whole Moong, Cashew, Almond, Cardamom, Cumin seeds, Fannel seeds, Carrom seeds.

All Organic and farm fresh.

No Preservatives to increase shelf life of Baby food. No Salt or Sugar or artificial flavour.

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