About us


We, founders of KinderCanteen, are extremely about our health and the food we eat. But when we had to start weaning of our own daughter, we knew two things; ONE - we wanted to give her pure organic food which is free from preservatives, salt or sugar. Not something which is made in factories. And TWO - We would not have adequate time to prepare the food ourselves because our little one might keep us busy for the whole day.

After endless search, we couldn’t find any solution, so we became one and thus KinderCanteen was born.

We at KinderCanteen, bring 100% pure and ORGANIC certified FARM FRESH ingredients to prepare traditionally rich food at our studio Kitchen. We make baby food in small batches and only after receiving the order so that you get them fresh and the taste / flavours of the ingredients remain intact for your baby to relish his/her meal.

ORGANIC certified FARM FRESH ingredients

  • Balance Diet

    Over 17 ingredients in every bite your baby takes.

  • Made in Kitchen

    We believe that your baby's food should not be made in factories.

  • Organic

    Our tie up with farmers helps us get fresh and organic ingredients directly.

  • Sprouted Ingredients

    We bring back the tradition of sprouting ingredients to increase its health benifits.

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